How Start Living Your Life on Your Terms – Tai Lopez Review

Learn how to start living your life on your terms without anyone telling you what to do. That’s a dream of many people. The question is, why such small percentage from those who dream actually achieve their goals? It’s a psychological science mystery, and everything can be explained and learned.

Learn from Tai Lopez and his “67 Steps” program that teaches the core principles behind success.

Tai Lopez Review


T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mindset – Become a Millionaire

View as well as find out the best ways to think and also grow rich millionaire mindset, create an excellent wide range and the best ways to become a millionaire in a few years by T Harv Eker. These are the principles that might not help every person, but also for lots of people do. If it does not benefit you, then concentrate on your mindset as well as just what you are doing wrong. The principles for any type of sort of success, whether it’s making million dollars, are constantly the exact same. Suggesting that the method does not alter, just people do. Every individual person is different, not simply from the organic viewpoint, however psychically as well as spiritually. We also know the regulation 80/20. Mindset is accountable for 80% of all success, for that reason, the approach is simply 20%. Certainly, one without another resembles a car without gas. You need to balance your mindset and method in 80/20 ratio, then the most effective things start to happen. There is a means to discover just how to come to become a millionaire in a few years from now, as well as one of the options is right in front of you, find out from people who have already done it, those who already got a millionaire mindset and also wide range like T Harv Eker.


12 Steps to Learning the Guitar

How to play Guitar

You finally got your hands on a guitar and have visions of you singing and playing at half time at the Super Bowl (hey, it’s okay to dream). Well okay, maybe you’re more down to earth and see yourself playing and singing for your personal enjoyment or for family and friends.

Either way, most of us go through the up and down cycle:

Up – Excitement – you know, the “hooray – I got it” moment!
Down – The Question – we grab our new pride and joy and then THE BIG QUESTION hits …….
What the heck do I do now?

Well, here are some tips to counter that feeling and help you make the most of this experience.

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Step one: Learn to tune your guitar

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it, but you’d be surprised the number of people who have a guitar but don’t know how to tune it. A digital electronic tuner can simplify this process, they aren’t expensive and you can find one in any music store. It’s a good idea also to try to learn how to tune the guitar by ear. To do this, you need to get used to the sound of the notes, which takes practice, but it’s great training and can bail you out when your batteries drain.

Another alternative in this internet age is the online tuning site. There are sites you can log into and they’ll play the notes you need to tune your guitar.

Step two: Learn the parts of your guitar

Again, this may sound obvious, but it’s important to be able to identify the parts of your acoustic or electric guitar by their proper names. This includes frets, fret board, bridge, tuner and so on. It’ll help you understand when talking with other musicians.

Step three: Learn the right way to hold the guitar

The position you use will have a lot to do with how well you play, how quickly the notes start sounding clear and sharp and also how much your joints and fingers bother you in the beginning. So, don’t just grab the guitar and go, learn the correct posture and positioning of the hands to help you begin and advance your play.

Step four: Learn the open string notes

Guitars typically have six strings. Each open string is a musical note. The six notes on the guitar starting from the string closer to you are E A D G B E. This will also help you in learning how to tune the guitar.

Step five: Learn the numbers for each open string

Guitar strings are often referred to as numbers from one to six. Number one corresponds to the high E 9 (the skinny string) and you work your way up from there. This, for most people is considered starting from the bottom rather than the top. Don’t know why they did that, but that’s the way it is. Learn it.

Step six: Learning the frets

Frets are technically the wires you see on the fret board (see, gotta know the names of the guitar parts) that run across the neck of the guitar. But when we talk about this or that fret when playing, we’re really referring to the spaces between those cross-wires. Frets also have numbers and the most common numbering puts the number one fret to be the one closest to the head stock.

Step seven: Learn to ‘fret’ your guitar

Fretting the guitar means to position your fingers on the fret board. Try placing your fingers slightly behind the fret wire as this position will produce a more clear sound.

Step eight: Holding the pick

There are almost as many right ways to hold a guitar pick as there are musicians. You’ll find what you’re comfortable with over time, but at least in the beginning, try holding the pick between your thumb and first finger with the pick facing outwards. You can adjust to your style as you progress.

Step nine: Strumming the guitar – the right way!

Strumming has two motions – Down strokes and up strokes (deep thought isn’t it). All strumming methods are based on these two movements. Start by learning these strokes and you’ll soon be able to do many combinations.

Step ten: Reading TAB

TAB, short for tablature, is a simple easy way to notate guitar music without having to learn how to read music in the traditional sense. The diagram has six lines that represent the six strings. So far, so good.

The numbers on the lines represent the fret you have to play. Other notations may vary according to the style and technique the song is written in. You’ll be able to find a TAB score for any song so being able to read TAB will be a lot of help, unless of course you’d really like to learn how to read music.

Step eleven: Choosing the right guitar lessons

Many people try to learn the guitar by being a “Google Guitarist”. They use Google to find lessons and end up bouncing from one site to another. If you do that, you won’t be able to make a real schedule and you’re unlikely going to learn anything except bits of riffs and tunes. The result will probably be to give up on your dreams.

What you should do is to choose a lesson program and stick to it. This will teach you the basics and, once you master them, you can advance more easily and then pick between different more advanced programs or, learn on your own.

Whether you choose DVD / hardcopy or completely online, or anything in between is immaterial. Once you choose one, unless is clear you made a mistake, stick with it. It may surprise you to know that you are the most important part of the equation, not the lessons. A determined student will learn to play, almost despite the course or coach.

Step twelve: Taking care of the guitar

If you have an acoustic guitar it’s most likely made of wood and you should be aware that changes in temperature and humidity can affect the finish and sound quality.

An electric guitar many not be as subject to these factors, but there are other things to consider like keeping the electrical components clean and dry to avoid sound quality deterioration.

Either way, take a moment to learn how to take care of your guitar, how to carry it and how to store it. Changing strings and using technical equipment are also things you should know.


How to Make Millions Online with Tony Robbins and John Reese

You might ask yourself, why in the world would this person, who I do not even understand, do this for me? The factor is simple. It is a way of giving back for the life I have lived. If I FREELY hand you info on the best ways to generate income online, you put in the work, and you accomplish your objectives of earning money online, I have actually touched your life in an extensive manner in which. A lot of others wish to sell you this information. It is their way of how to make millions online. It is not my method.

Why you ask?

Here is the easy response. I think this world has plenty of excessive greed. There are excessively lots of people who care so little for others around them and forget about generosity to complete strangers. Instead of this world ending up being a better place, too typically it ends up being an even worse location for individuals who need the compassion the most; that includes much of you who find this website frantically searching for a method to enhance your life by finding out how to make money online.

While mentor you the best ways to earn money online, I expect you to realize something prior to we even begin. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH OVERNIGHT SCHEME!. Go back and read that sentence once again. Let it sink in, get it through your head, because if that is what you came here searching for, you are NOT going to find it. Earning money online is much like other company endeavor or employment endeavor. The significant difference; you can make money online doing something you enjoy rather of holding a J O B. Learning ways to generate income online is going to take work, however, if you follow the information and FOLLOW THROUGH COMPLETING the work, the cash will ultimately come. What awaits you on this website is a genuinely FREE no BS manner in which to make millions online.


Android TV Lands in Additional TVs

Android tv box adds HDR support, snags plenty of newly discovered apps

Android TV didn’t get much stage time at Google’s I/O 2016 keynote Wednesday, but based on the official Android blog, Google’s TV OS and streaming TV platform is growing its achieve into more TVs and hang-top boxes, and it has acquired a remarkable variety of new streaming application partners.

For televisions, The new sony is constantly use Android TV since it’s OS preferred by its 2016 Bravia TV line. The new sony will quickly be became a member of by RCA, that is likely to introduce its first Android TV models to U.S. clients later this season. In Europe, Beko, Grundig and Vestel will introduce Android TV models in June.

For set-top boxes, Sharp’s NetPlayer, in addition to Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi’s mysterious 4K set-top box, will run the Android TV platform.

Google has additionally added some key streaming service apps, namely CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, Freeform, Nickelodeon, Spotify, Starz, WATCH ABC, WATCH Disney Funnel, WATCH Disney Junior, and ESPN. Adding Starz was noted earlier Wednesday, if this seemed to be found that Starz would launch HDR programming through its over-the-top application first.

One might hope that will mean Android N would then allow Android TV to aid HDR, and, indeed, it will. Other additional features visiting Android TV include picture-in-picture for browsing around while a relevant video plays without anyone’s knowledge, and recording APIs for recording live TV programming.

Google Cast can also be making an expansion. The machine, which enables customers to “cast” happy to their TV without resorting to add-on hardware such as the Chromecast, first made an appearance in Vizio’s selection of P-series televisions. Now, Google Cast will apparently be visiting Magnavox, Philips, Polaroid, Toshiba, and Westinghouse televisions, thus putting some pressure on Roku-enabled TVs.

With Google Home coming, Bing is creating pretty compelling situations because of its home theater ecosystem – along with a strong option to Amazon’s Echo speaker – by permitting customers to produce programming on their own televisions or set-top boxes using voice instructions. What’s not obvious is whether or not Google’s new digital assistant may ultimately finish up enabled around the televisions themselves, or maybe customers will need to purchase a Home speaker.



What is Meditation – Total Relaxed State of Mind Guide

What is meditation?

Meditation Guide

There are many different forms and styles of meditation with all of them relating to the same point, awareness of oneself. The art of meditating seems easy at first to the beginner, after all, it is simply a matter of sitting or lying quietly and focusing on one thing to the point of inducing a deep and relaxed state of mind. However there is more to it than that and focusing and remaining focused on one thing is harder than it sounds.

Choosing the point of focus is relatively easy in itself, you may choose to focus on your breathing, a sound, a piece of music, visualization, a mantra or an object such as a candle flame. Keeping your thoughts from wandering is the tricky part, starting off for the first few minutes will be no problem but then before you know it your mind will lose interest and unwanted thoughts start entering your mind again.

The basics of meditating

Start off by making sure the clothing you are wearing is comfortable and not too tight, while you are performing your meditation you can remain sat upright in a chair, lie down on the floor or bed or sit in the classical Buddhist pose, cross-legged. How you choose to do it is of no real importance other than you should feel comfortable and relaxed, however, if you choose to lie down particularly on the bed you might just fall asleep.

The whole aim of meditating is to free your mind from the day to day problems and worries and allow your body to totally relax to the point of sleep without actually falling asleep. People who have practiced meditation for years strive to reach such a state of total relaxation which is termed enlightenment; this is the state of the body and mind being at total peace and harmony with itself, the body has reached the state of relaxation when breathing slows and is asleep even though your mind is fully awake and alert.

Mantra meditation

Mantra is a very simple but popular form of meditation which can be practiced anywhere; it involves the use of a single sound or word being repeated over and over again to help rid the mind of everyday thoughts and worries. The words most often used in this form of meditation are “OM” and “AH”. The words can either be said out loud or only be repeated inwardly depending on the circumstances.

Insight or breathing meditation

Insight meditation relies on the person concentrating on their breathing to rid themselves of thoughts and feelings, by sitting quietly and focusing your attention on the way your breath moves throughout the body and is inhaled and expelled will help the person to become one with themselves.

Visualization meditation

Visualization is another popular form of meditation for the beginner with popular variations being visualizing yourself on a quiet, white sandy beach with the surf gently lapping against the shore to how you see yourself in the future attaining all the goals you set out for yourself. Visualizations are only limited by the imagination; this form of meditation is particularly popular as your thoughts tend to stick more easily with the task at hand than they do in other forms of meditation.

Flower of Life meditation

what is meditation guide


Learn the SEO to Manage Your Own Business

Every blog site has two platforms to seek attention through. One is the blogger and another through WordPress. Anyone having a platform like WordPress definitely enjoys the strong positive performance in the virtual world. However, one must remember that WordPress is mainly for business purpose. It is used to maintain blogs that look for a steady income from the virtual world. WordPress is definitely one of those platforms that allow the blog pages to become more SEO friendly.

In fact, the use of WordPress allows the website as well blogs to become more attractive without any inside look at the coding aspect. Very basic knowledge on coding is sufficient to utilize the benefits of WordPress. WordPress is very easy to setup. The implementation process is very easy.


top secret

WordPress definitely provides a very solid framework plugins and themes that determine how the user’s functionality and content are presented towards the others. In fact, there are plenty of ways that can highlight the extreme SEO friendliness of WordPress blog. Let’s discuss some of them:

Title Tag

Title Tag definitely plays a very crucial role in the world of blogging. While writing an article, it is very important to consider the content (texts, presentation, images, and links). However, most of us forget to include a very appropriate title to the content. A catchier title can be very effective in getting the attention of viewers. This can result in improving the number of visitors. An appropriate title can help in creating a positive impression at the first look. So, always try to be innovative in creating the title for a content. Remember, it is the title that will only appear in the search engine page.

Right Keywords

Use of the right set of keywords is very important for an online content. Without the inclusion of the targeted keywords, a web post will remain invalid. The right set of keywords is required for both the article/blog content as well title. While forming the tag title, ensure that the length doesn’t exceed 70 characters. Anything more than this is considered a very long title and hence fails to attract visitors.

Meta Description

Meta description also plays a very crucial role in making the WordPress blog much more SEO friendly. In fact, the meta description concept is very important while we plan to write blog posts. Meta description simply means a very brief description about a blog post. It should include subtitles, keywords, as well the post title. When we search for articles in Google or any other search engine, the title appears along with a very brief description of the content. This brief description is known as Meta Description. If the Meta Description is written properly, then getting the content indexed through the Google or any other prominent search engines just becomes better and faster. More frequently will the article title be appearing on the search engine index page.

Sharing through Social Media

In this modern world, Social Media is definitely one of the most useful mediums to publicize web content. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, YouTube, and LinkedIn are there to share and publicize content globally. The process is fast, easy, and reliable. Also, it is the least expensive advertising process available online.

SEO Galway


5 WordPress Plugins that You Shouldn’t Do Without

blogging tips and toolsThe idea here is not to overwhelm you with plug-ins, however in building successful niche blogging sites, I use most, if not all of these. Each one plays an important role. Depending upon your server, too many plug-ins can definitely slow you down, so be careful. My recommendation is to download them now so that you’ll have them when you need them.

Advanced Category Excluder
This plug-in enables CMS like functionality in WordPress. If you’ve ever wanted to write to a category but not have it appear on your front page, in your sidebar, or in your RSS feed, this is the plug-in for you. ACE hides unwanted categories from defined parts of your blog.

Why would you want to do this?  Maybe you are operating a niche blog that focuses on news events. On a news blog, you may post 10 – 30 stories a day. The stories are all relevant and each brings

traffic but you don’t want to overwhelm your subscribers with a feed that’s a mile long or clutter up your front page with 30 stories.

Here’s what you would do:

Create two categories. Call the first one ‘Featured News Stories’ and in it, post your best 5-10 stories each day. Your second category might be called ‘Miscellaneous News Stories’ and that’s where everything else goes. Problem solved.

There are as you can imagine many uses for this if you’re using WordPress as a CMS or Marketing Platform.

Link: Advanced Category Excluder

All In One Seo Pack
If I could only use one plug-in on any of my niche sites, this would be the one. The All In One SEO Pack allows you to optimize each post on your site as well as the pages. It defines your title, description, and keywords easily and efficiently. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT plug-in you can use.

All In One SEO Pack

Privacy Policy
Earlier this year, Google started requiring AdSense publishers to display a privacy policy on sites that displayed AdSense. If you’re running Adsense and don’t have a Privacy Policy posted, now would be a good time. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a Privacy Policy legal pages on your blog.

Privacy Policy

Google Site Map Generator
A Google sitemap can do wonders for your site. When you have a site map, Google knows what your site is about and will establish a regular and consistent ‘crawl’ or ‘spidering” schedule. Having a valid sitemap is critical to the success of your niche blog. Google Site Map Generator makes this task easy to maintain.

Google Site Map Generator

RSS Footer
If you gain any notoriety at all with your niche blogging site, you will eventually run into one of blogging’s greatest nemesis… The ‘Scraper”.  This is the guy (or gal) who steals your hand-crafted posts and through various scripts, posts it to their sites as if it were own. What has a hard working blogger to do?

Enter, the RSS Footer plugin, this plug-in places a small footer message at the bottom of each post you write and publish. The automated scraping programs won’t notice it and when your content is illegally copied elsewhere, your footer message will also be included with a generous link back to your site.

WWSGD – What Would Seth Godin Do
On one of my niche sites, it took over a year to grow to around 1500 RSS subscribers. However; that number tripled over the next 6 months thanks primarily to this plug-in. By default, new visitors to your blog will see a small box above each post containing the words “If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!” After a pre-determined number of visits, the message disappears. You can easily customize the message, the number of visits when it appears, and its location. If you need to grow subscribers, add this plug-in.

What Would Seth Godin Do

blogging success