5 WordPress Plugins that You Shouldn’t Do Without

blogging tips and toolsThe idea here is not to overwhelm you with plug-ins, however in building successful niche blogging sites, I use most, if not all of these. Each one plays an important role. Depending upon your server, too many plug-ins can definitely slow you down, so be careful. My recommendation is to download them now so that you’ll have them when you need them.

Advanced Category Excluder
This plug-in enables CMS like functionality in WordPress. If you’ve ever wanted to write to a category but not have it appear on your front page, in your sidebar, or in your RSS feed, this is the plug-in for you. ACE hides unwanted categories from defined parts of your blog.

Why would you want to do this?  Maybe you are operating a niche blog that focuses on news events. On a news blog, you may post 10 – 30 stories a day. The stories are all relevant and each brings

traffic but you don’t want to overwhelm your subscribers with a feed that’s a mile long or clutter up your front page with 30 stories.

Here’s what you would do:

Create two categories. Call the first one ‘Featured News Stories’ and in it, post your best 5-10 stories each day. Your second category might be called ‘Miscellaneous News Stories’ and that’s where everything else goes. Problem solved.

There are as you can imagine many uses for this if you’re using WordPress as a CMS or Marketing Platform.

Link: Advanced Category Excluder

All In One Seo Pack
If I could only use one plug-in on any of my niche sites, this would be the one. The All In One SEO Pack allows you to optimize each post on your site as well as the pages. It defines your title, description, and keywords easily and efficiently. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT plug-in you can use.

All In One SEO Pack

Privacy Policy
Earlier this year, Google started requiring AdSense publishers to display a privacy policy on sites that displayed AdSense. If you’re running Adsense and don’t have a Privacy Policy posted, now would be a good time. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a Privacy Policy legal pages on your blog.

Privacy Policy

Google Site Map Generator
A Google sitemap can do wonders for your site. When you have a site map, Google knows what your site is about and will establish a regular and consistent ‘crawl’ or ‘spidering” schedule. Having a valid sitemap is critical to the success of your niche blog. Google Site Map Generator makes this task easy to maintain.

Google Site Map Generator

RSS Footer
If you gain any notoriety at all with your niche blogging site, you will eventually run into one of blogging’s greatest nemesis… The ‘Scraper”.  This is the guy (or gal) who steals your hand-crafted posts and through various scripts, posts it to their sites as if it were own. What has a hard working blogger to do?

Enter, the RSS Footer plugin, this plug-in places a small footer message at the bottom of each post you write and publish. The automated scraping programs won’t notice it and when your content is illegally copied elsewhere, your footer message will also be included with a generous link back to your site.

WWSGD – What Would Seth Godin Do
On one of my niche sites, it took over a year to grow to around 1500 RSS subscribers. However; that number tripled over the next 6 months thanks primarily to this plug-in. By default, new visitors to your blog will see a small box above each post containing the words “If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!” After a pre-determined number of visits, the message disappears. You can easily customize the message, the number of visits when it appears, and its location. If you need to grow subscribers, add this plug-in.

What Would Seth Godin Do

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