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Tai Lopez Review


Android TV Lands in Additional TVs

Android tv box adds HDR support, snags plenty of newly discovered apps

Android TV didn’t get much stage time at Google’s I/O 2016 keynote Wednesday, but based on the official Android blog, Google’s TV OS and streaming TV platform is growing its achieve into more TVs and hang-top boxes, and it has acquired a remarkable variety of new streaming application partners.

For televisions, The new sony is constantly use Android TV since it’s OS preferred by its 2016 Bravia TV line. The new sony will quickly be became a member of by RCA, that is likely to introduce its first Android TV models to U.S. clients later this season. In Europe, Beko, Grundig and Vestel will introduce Android TV models in June.

For set-top boxes, Sharp’s NetPlayer, in addition to Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi’s mysterious 4K set-top box, will run the Android TV platform.

Google has additionally added some key streaming service apps, namely CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, Freeform, Nickelodeon, Spotify, Starz, WATCH ABC, WATCH Disney Funnel, WATCH Disney Junior, and ESPN. Adding Starz was noted earlier Wednesday, if this seemed to be found that Starz would launch HDR programming through its over-the-top application first.

One might hope that will mean Android N would then allow Android TV to aid HDR, and, indeed, it will. Other additional features visiting Android TV include picture-in-picture for browsing around while a relevant video plays without anyone’s knowledge, and recording APIs for recording live TV programming.

Google Cast can also be making an expansion. The machine, which enables customers to “cast” happy to their TV without resorting to add-on hardware such as the Chromecast, first made an appearance in Vizio’s selection of P-series televisions. Now, Google Cast will apparently be visiting Magnavox, Philips, Polaroid, Toshiba, and Westinghouse televisions, thus putting some pressure on Roku-enabled TVs.

With Google Home coming, Bing is creating pretty compelling situations because of its home theater ecosystem – along with a strong option to Amazon’s Echo speaker – by permitting customers to produce programming on their own televisions or set-top boxes using voice instructions. What’s not obvious is whether or not Google’s new digital assistant may ultimately finish up enabled around the televisions themselves, or maybe customers will need to purchase a Home speaker.